Microbiology, Dehydrated Culture Media

Rapid Labs Dehydrated Culture Media are complex blends of carefully selected highly variable biological products. These are carefully milled to produce very fine particles of uniform size and blended to give a balanced stable product thus ensuring maximum recovery of micro-organisms.

Dehydrated Culture Media interact in a variety of different ways. These media can comprise up to 3 different systems plus agar, which when working together will provide optimum growth selection and differentiation.

Nutrient system

peptones, extracts, growth factors

Selective system

Allows the growth of the desired organism or population, whilst inhibiting unwanted organisms.

Differential system

Allows the desired organism or population to be differentiated from the other flora and fauna capable of growth on the medium.

The standard pack size is 500g. Also available to order in 5Kg, 10Kg and 25Kg Drums.

Lyophilised Selective Supplements also available as well as a comprehensive range of discs rings are listed, to complement our wide range of Culture Media



Cat No Product Name Packing IFU
CM-CM01 Chr. Candida 500g
CM-CM02 Sakazaki GBP 500g
CM-CM03 E Coli 500g
CM-CM04 Listeria Aloa 500g
CM-CM05 Salmonella 500g
CM-CM06 Uricolour 500g
CM-CM07 Staphilocolor 500g
CM-AAB190 Aeromonas Agar Base 500g
CM-AB318 Agar Base 500g
CM-AA317 Agar-agar 500g
CM-ATMC048 AmiesTransport Medium(modified)w.charcoal(1%) 500g
CM-AIA151 Anaerob Isolation Agar 500g
CM-APT370 APT agar 500g
CM-ADB299 Azide dextrose broth 500g
CM-BCM289 Bacillus Cereus Medium 500g
CM-BPA203 Baird Parker Agar 500g
CM-BHIA175 BHI Agar 500g
CM-BHIB106 BHI Broth 500g
CM-BEAA259 Bile Esculin azide agar 500g
CM-BSA283 Bismuth Sulphite Agar 500g
CM-BAB109 Blood Agar Base 500g
CM-BAB120 Blood Agar Base No.2 500g
CM-BGA765 Bordet gengou agar 500g
CM-BTB053 Brewers Thioglycollate Broth 500g
CM-BGA182 Brillant Green Agar 500g
CM-BGA167 Brillant Green Agar Modified 500g
CM-BGBB127 Brillant Green Bile Broth 2% 500g
CM-BAB131 Brucella Agar Base 500g
CM-BPW049 Buffered Peptone Water 500g
CM-CAB254 Campylobacter agar base 500g
CM-CBM130 Campylobacter Bloodfree Medium 500g
CM-CEB072 Campylobacter Enrichment Broth 500g
CM-CBTM054 Cary Blair transport Medium 500g
CM-CA148 Cetrimide Agar 500g
CM-CBLA261 China blue lactose agar 500g
CM-CLED096 CLED DI Medium (Bevis) 500g
CM-CLED097 CLED SI Medium 500g
CM-CAB137 Columbia Agar Base 500g
CM-CMM214 Cooked Meat medium 500g
CM-CMA159 Corn meal agar 500g
CM-DCAH173 DCA Agar Hynes 500g
CM-DCAL162 DCA Agar Leifsons 500g
CM-DTM198 Dermatophyte Test Medium 500g
CM-DTA077 Dextrose Tryptone agar 500g
CM-DSSA708 Diagnostic Semi-Solid Salmonella Agar 500g
CM-DNAA134 Dnase Agar 500g
CM-DSTA123 DSTA Agar 500g
CM-ECB263 EC broth 500g
CM-ECB250 EC broth modified 500g
CM-EEB161 EE Broth (Mossel) 500g
CM-EYA376 Egg Yolk Agar 500g
CM-EMB110 EMB agar 500g
CM-EA132 Endo Agar 500g
CM-FBB189 Fraser Broth Base 500g
CM-GCAB116 GC Agar Base 500g
CM-GCB401 Giolitti Cantoni broth 500g
CM-GPB372 Glucose Phosphate Broth 500g
CM-HEA207 Hektoen Enteric Agar 500g
CM-HMB210 Hoyles Medium Base 500g
CM-ISA031 Iron Sulphite Agar 500g
CM-ISA085 Iso-Sensitest agar 500g
CM-KEA154 Kanamycin-Esculin Agar 500g
CM-KEB089 Kanamycin-Esculin Broth 500g
CM-KIA194 Kligler Iron Agar 500g
CM-LB035 Lactose Broth 500g
CM-LPB258 Lactose phosphate broth 500g
CM-LTSB297 Lauryl Tryptose (Sulphate) Broth APHA 500g
CM-LB139 Letheen Broth 500g
CM-LEB098 Listeria Enrichment Broth FDA 500g
CM-LIMB188 Listeria Isolation Med. Base Oxford Form 500g
CM-LM236 Litmus milk 500g
CM-LJM351 Löwenstein-Jensen Medium 500g
CM-LDB267 Lysine decarboxylase broth 500g
CM-LIA090 Lysine Iron Agar 500g
CM-MAWS185 MacConkey Agar (base) 500g
CM-MA2174 MacConkey agar No.2 500g
CM-MA3172 MacConkey Agar No.3 500g
CM-MAS170 MacConkey Agar Sorbitol 500g
CM-MAn257 MacConkey Agar w/o Crystal Violet 500g
CM-MANS158 MacConkey Agar w/o Salt 500g
CM-MBP094 MacConkey Broth Purple 500g
CM-MEA164 Malt Extract Agar 500g
CM-MEB050 Malt Extract Broth 500g
CM-MSA213 Mannitol Salt Agar 500g
CM-MSB244 Mannitol Salt Broth 500g
CM-MRD029 Maximal recovery diluent 500g
CM-MLS095 Membrane lauryl sulphate broth 500g
CM-MIM111 MotilitĂ­-Indol-Urea Base (MIU) 500g
CM-MB380 Motility Broth 500g
CM-MRSA205 MRS Agar 500g
CM-MRSB177 MRS Broth 500g
CM-MRVP272 MRVP medium 500g
CM-MHA135 Mueller Hinton Agar NCCLS 500g
CM-MKB211 Mueller Kaufmann Broth 500g
CM-NA073 Nutrient Agar 500g
CM-NBE036 Nutrient Broth Economy 500g
CM-NB2037 Nutrient Broth No.2 APHA 500g
CM-OGYE093 O.G.Y.E. Agar Base 500g
CM-PW038 Peptone Water 500g
CM-PAB150 Perfringens Agar Base 500g
CM-PAA032 Phenylalanine Agar 500g
CM-PRA108 Phenol Red Agar 500g
CM-PRB058 Phenol Red Broth 500g
CM-PCAAP064 Plate Count Agar APHA 500g
CM-PCASP051 Plate Count Agar SP 500g
CM-PDA117 Potato Dextrose Agar 500g
CM-PDB118 Potato Dextrose Broth 500g
CM-PAB160 Pseudomonas Agar Base 500g
CM-PAB561 Purple Agar Base 500g
CM-R2AM043 R 2 A Medium 500g
CM-RVB070 Rapport Vassiliadis Broth 500g
CM-RCA168 Reinforced Clostridal Medium (agar) 500g
CM-RBAB083 Rose Bengal Agar Base 500g
CM-SDAC393 Sab Dex agar Chloramp 0,05 g/l 500g
CM-SDA197 Sab Dex Agar 500g
CM-SDAC200 Sab Dex agar Chloramphenicol 0,5 g/l 500g
CM-SLM157 Sabouraud Liquid Medium USP 500g
CM-SMA201 Sabouraud Maltose Agar 500g
CM-SSB244 Salmonella Shigella Broth 500g
CM-SA140 Schaedler Agar 500g
CM-SDAB255 SDA Beer Medium 500g
CM-SBB046 Selenite Broth Base 500g
CM-SCB047 Selenite-Cystine Broth 500g
CM-SMA375 Semisolid media agar 500g
CM-STA121 Sensitivity Test Agar 500g
CM-SIM081 SIM Medium 500g
CM-SCA063 Simmons Citrate Agar 500g
CM-SBA143 Slanetz Bartley Agar 500g
CM-SSA202 SS Agar 500g
CM-SSB249 SS Broth 500g
CM-STM042 Stuart Transport Medium 500g
CM-TCBS183 TCBS 500g
CM-TBB153 Tetrathionate Broth Base 500g
CM-TUFM069 Thioglycolat USP Fluid medium 500g
CM-THB104 Todd Hewitt Broth 500g
CM-TW039 Tryptone Water 500g
CM-TPB078 Tryptose Phosphate Broth 500g
CM-TSA107 TSA 500g
CM-TSB080 TSB 500g
CM-TSCA369 TSC Agar 500g
CM-TSI204 TSI 500g
CM-UAB066 Urea Agar Base 500g
CM-UBB028 Urea Broth Base 500g
CM-VRBA114 Violet Red Bile Agar (lactose) 500g
CM-VRBG115 Violet Red Bile Glucose 500g
CM-VJA196 Vogel&Johnson Agar 500g
CM-WCA274 Wilkins-Chalgren agar 500g
CM-WLNA209 WL Nutrient Agar 500g
CM-WA178 Wort Agar 500g
CM-XLD179 XLD Agar 500g
CM-YA060 Yeast Agar 500g
CM-YEA059 Yeast Extract Agar 500g
CM-YSA192 Yersinia Selective Agar (CIN) 500g