Convenient pocket size durable atomiser/ spray, ideal for taking on holiday or business trips. This small light weight spray is only 8cm long and can easily be safely kept in your pocket, handbag, desk draw, hand luggage, car, van or truck. It can easily refilled with various liquids such as:

  • Perfume
  • Aftershave
  • Disinfectant
  • Air freshener
  • Insect replant
  • Cleaning liquid
  • Light lubricating oil
  • Hair spray
  • Anti bacterial surface cleaner

The atomiser is available in either a bright silver finish or a glossy black finish, please state your preference.

The atomizer consists of a screw top glass vial with atomiser attachment, the vial and atomiser attachment is a push fit into the painted, plastic lined aluminium case with matching push fit aluminium lid making a robust, tactile, easy to use little atomizer

The capacity of the atomiser is 3.5ml and can be easily refilled.

The atomiser is supplied with a convenient label you can attach a label reminding you of the atomisers contents should you have several each with a different product inside.


Cat No Description Volume Material Finish Colour Height Diameter Pack Size
AS-0501-BS-P0 Atomiser, 5ml, Black (25) 3.5ml Aluminium Gloss Balck 82 19 25
AS-0503-SS-P0 Atomiser, 5ml, Silver (25) 3.5ml Aluminium Bright Silver 82 19 25