Diagnostic Vials & Caps

amber glass diagnostic vials

Amber glass diagnostic vials

We offer a range of diagnostic vials made from high quality low borosilicate or neutral tubular glass, making them the ideal packaging/filling solution for a broad spectrum of applications including medical diagnostic assay controls and reagents (they can be supplied with coloured caps to help differentiate contents).  Available in 3ml, 5ml, 10ml 20ml, 25ml and 30ml

Packed in sealed plastic Correx trays.  Available from stock in convenient sizes.  Common sizes are held in stock for rapid  dispatch.

Diagnostic Vials - Clear Glass

Cat No Description Volume Material Tread Height Diameter Pack Size
VI-0311-C3 Vial Diagnostic 3ml 3ml Neutral Glass 15.5R4 36mm 18mm 312
VI-0511-C3 Vial Diagnostic 5ml 5ml Neutral Glass 15.5R4 41.5mm 18mm 312
VI-1012-C5 Vial Diagnostic 10ml 10ml Neutral Glass 22R4 50mm 25mm 154
VI-2012-C5 Vial Diagnostic 20ml 20ml Neutral Glass 22R4 63mm 28mm 125
VI-2511-C4 Vial Diagnostic 25ml 25ml Neutral Glass 22R4 63mm 32mm 91
VI-3011-C5 Vial Clear Diagnostic 30ml 30ml Neutral 22R4 63mm 32mm 91

Diagnostic Vials -Amber Glass

Cat No Description Volume Material Tread Height Pack Size
VI-0322-A3 Vial Amber Diagnostic 3ml 3ml Neutral 15.5 36mm 312
VI-0522-A3 Vial Amber Diagnostic 5ml 5ml Neutral 15.5 41.5mm 312
VI-1022-A5 Vial Amber Diagnostic 10ml 10ml Neutral 22R4 50mm 154
VI-2021-A5 Vial Amber Diagnostic 20ml 20ml Neutral 22R4 63mm 125
VI-2521-A5 Vial Amber Diagnostic 25ml 25ml Neutral 22r4 63mm 91
VI-3021-A5 Vial Amber Diagnostic 30ml 30ml Neutral 22R4 63mm 91