Product List 2017-18 Glass & Plastic Vials, Bottles & Droppers

Vial, Bottle & Dropper product list 2017 rev2


Rapid Labs Product List 2017-18 Glass & Plastic Vials, Bottles & Droppers.   Please Click the link for the latest catalog of moulded  glass bottles in clear, amber, blue and green soda glass, our tubular glass dropper vials and closures in 3ml diagnostic and dropper vials, 5ml dropper and diagnostic vials, 5/7ml  dropper vials and 10ml dropper vials. We also offer a range of HDPE bottles from 3ml  - 125ml sizes available. PETG Vials in 10ml, 12ml and 15ml sizes. Rapid labs offers packaging bottles and vials for the aromatherapy, naturapath,  homeopathy & E-liquid (Export use 30ml Amber and TPD Compliant) uses as well as many other  industries, Universities, schools and research clients.