Specialists in Medical & Veterinary Diagnostics, Glassware and Packaging


Specialists in Medical & Veterinary Diagnostics, Glassware and Packaging

About Us

Rapid Labs Limited is a rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of medical & veterinary diagnostic reagents and laboratory glassware. We are an independent UK based primary manufacturer, supplying a worldwide network of distributors, agents and NGOs.

The combination of our three divisions enable us to provide a complete supply solution for your OEM diagnostic reagent needs.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer service whilst providing a broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and glass vials at very competitive prices to our customers. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable healthcare, and are proud to supply our products to laboratories all over the world.

The heart of our business is in medical diagnostics. We offer a wide range of products including blood grouping reagents, ELISAs, Rapid Tests, Urinalysis Strips and much more. From cancer markers and fertility tests to drugs of abuse and infectious disease, our wide range of tests can be used for many applications.

After developing custom bottles and vials for our diagnostics manufacturing, Rapid Labs expanded into the laboratory glassware and packaging market. Our glassware and pipette droppers have been used in the NHS and international blood banks, as well as a number of independent companies for skincare, essential oils and beauty applications. Our custom design service allows us to create bespoke products according to your needs. If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Rapid Labs are proud to partner with CentriVet™ to offer a selection of point of care tests for the monitoring of blood glucose and ketones in cows, dogs and cats.

The CentriVet™ GK Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System is a portable, easy-to-use dual meter that measures both blood glucose and blood ßHBA, providing accurate results in seconds.

Bulk Reagent Laboratory Containers Now Available at Heavily Discounted Price (Whilst stocks last!)
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Rapid Lab's COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests approved by the Italian Ministry of Health
We are delighted to announce that our SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Testing Rapid Kits for Nasal Swabs and

Recent testimonials

Following the recent outbreak of Dengue Fever in the Philippines, Rapid Labs were quick to respond to our requests, and we have been able to provide their Rapid Tests to hospitals for successful diagnosis and screening of Dengue Fever

Marilou Versoza, CEO, MGV Sciechem Corporation

We have worked with Rapid Labs for over 10 years now, and we are exceptionally happy with the quality of their products and fantastic customer support.

Jolanta Gołębiewska, CEO, Farmator

High quality products, Competitive prices. A team that cares. That is a winning combination!

Customer survey response summary

The results are in! Over 90% of customers who responded to our survey described the quality of Rapid Labs products as Very High Quality and high quality.

95% Of customers reported that the Rapid Labs team understand what our distributors need to be successful.

Thank you to those that responded, your feedback helps us to better understand your needs and improve the goods and services that we offer.