New 5ml Glass Bijou Vials

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first true-to-size 5ml Glass Bijou Vial to our glass portfolio. Our new bijou vial provides minimal headspace compared to traditional 5-7ml bijous - important for preserving the long term storage and stability for certain reagents. Bijou vials have traditionally been labelled based on the overall volume [...]

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Mix ‘n’ Match: Glass Dropper Bottles and Compatible Closures

Rapid Labs are specialist provider of glassware and closure assemblies suitable for all your business needs. We are dedicated to provide the most affordable products and exceptional customer service, without compromising on quality. Established in 2008, Rapid Labs have grown in size each year, thanks to our valued customers all over the world. If you [...]

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CentriVet Starter Kits Now Available to Order Online

We're delighted to offer our CentriVet starter kits (canine/feline glucose monitoring system and bovine ketone monitoring system) through our online shops, ebay and Amazon. The complete CentriVet Starter Kits offers meter, tests, control solution and safety lancets for blood collection - plus free shipping. For Dogs & Cats: CentriVet Canine/Feline Glucose Meter Starter Kit: £56.50  [...]

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Another successful UL audit with no findings

Rapid Labs are delighted to announce our most successful ISO 13485:2016 & IVDD audit by UL to date with zero findings (zero major or minor non-conformances) after a 2 day audit. I would like to thank all my Rapid Labs colleagues for their contribution to achieving this great outcome.  Ian Christopher CEO

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