Ketosis in Cattle: New video produced with the University of Cambridge Veterinary School

We're delighted to share our video that we filmed at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School. In this video, Dr Ian McCrone - Farm Animal Physician, discusses the importance of monitoring ketone (BHB) levels in early lactaction cows using the CentriVet Bovine Ketone Meter and Ketone Test Strips. Thank you to Ian McCrone and the [...]

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Highlights from Packaging Innovations 2019

This week we attended the Packaging Innovations show at Olympia, London. Here are some of our highlights: 1. The #PlasticFreeLand Developed by A Plastic Planet, this entire zone featured companies and organisations that are leading the way in plastic-free packaging. It was fantastic to speak with some of the innovators and learn more about plastic [...]

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