In the latest edition of Farmers Weekly, the CentriVet Bovine Ketone Monitoring System has been compared to other meters on the market as part of their ketone testing buyers guide. Read the full article here:

We are proud to offer the most affordable bovine ketone testing system on the market without compromising on the quality of results. The CentriVet meter & test strips have been specifically calibrated for bovine blood to ensure accurate readings. The test is simple to perform, offering quantitative results in under 10 seconds.

The CentriVet Bovine Ketone Monitoring System is used all over the world, with many British veterinary farmers recently switching over following our UK launch last year. Take a look at our video with the University of Cambridge Veterinary School demonstrating the benefits of regular ketone monitoring in early lactation cows with the CentriVet system:

Rapid Labs are the exclusive UK distributor of CentriVet products. If you are interested in purchasing the CentriVet Bovine Ketone Monitoring System or would like further information, please email us at