We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our range of CE-Marked blood grouping reagents. We are also proud to offer this latest range at a lower price, ensuring that all Rapid Labs’ Blood Grouping Reagents remain affordable for accessible blood grouping around the world – especially in light of increasing global prices.

Our newest range consists of additional clones; ideal for markets that require testing from two different formulations.

The latest range of CE-marked blood grouping reagents are produced from UK-manufactured clones and are available alongside our existing CE-BGR range. This makes our full range of blood grouping reagents ideal for markets that requires testing from two different reagent formulations.
These are available to purchase immediately from stock.

Our full list of Blood Grouping Reagents (CE and Non-CE) are listed in the table below:

Please enquire now for further information: email us at medical@rapidlabs.co.uk.