Win a Space X Mission Badge!

To celebrate the work of the University of Vermont’s Advanced Genomics Lab aboard the International Space Station, we’re thrilled to offer up to 10 lucky people the chance to win a rare Space X CRS-29 mission badge! To enter our competition, please complete our short survey here

The Advanced Genomics Lab at the University of Vermont is testing RNAssist’s custom biomolecule stabilisation reagents to analyse biological samples under microgravity conditions in space. These reagents were exclusively custom manufactured by Rapid Labs UK and delivered to the International Space Station onboard the Falcon 9 rocket as part of the SpaceX CRS-29 mission. This is 29th commercial resupply mission to the ISS, where more than 6500 pounds of scientific research, supplies and hardware is delivered to the orbiting laboratory. Learn more about the SpaceX mission here.

Our RNAssist reagents are being used as part of the ‘Micro-Titan’ system, a robotic mechanism developed specifically by the Advanced Genomics Lab for this project to automate DNA extraction in space. The Micro-Titan system uses magnets and airtight sealed cartridges to allow DNA extraction to operate effectively in the microgravity conditions of space. This will allow astronauts to perform DNA sequencing in space with results in hours – eliminating the need to return samples to Earth. As a result, real time DNA analysis offer health monitoring during long-duration missions and accelerate scientific discoveries. Learn more about the Micro-Titan system here.

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