We are pleased to announce the launch of the first true-to-size 5ml Glass Bijou Vial to our glass portfolio. Our new bijou vial provides minimal headspace compared to traditional 5-7ml bijous – important for preserving the long term storage and stability for certain reagents.

5ml Bijou Vial

Bijou vials have traditionally been labelled based on the overall volume of liquid they can contain, without factoring in the volume taken up by the cap or dropper. This can cause confusion when choosing the correct sized vial. Bijou vials described as being 5-7ml sized can store up to 7ml, leaving a 5ml product looking 3/4 full due to the extra head space. For certain reagents, this can affect their storage and stability.

Our new 5ml Glass Bijou vial is true-to-size, storing 5ml of liquid without any extra head space. It is produced from the same 20.2mm diameter glass and has the same neck profile and thread as our 7ml version, allowing caps to be interchangeable. We have also produced a matching 5ml dropper assembly to accompany the Bijou vial. The previous 5-7ml Glass Bijou Vial (VI-0711-C4) has been renamed to 7ml Glass Bijou Vial to reflect it’s true volume capacity and for better distinction between the two products.

Glass Bijou Vials 5 and 7ml

Left: 5-7ml Glass Bijou Vial containing 5ml liquid with headspace. Right: New 5ml Glass Bijou Vial containing 5ml liquid with minimum headspace.

‘We decided to develop the new 5ml Bijou vial in response to feedback from our customers’ said Ian Christopher, CEO. ‘We pride ourselves on our ability to react to customer’s needs and develop solutions as efficiently as possible – many of our products have been developed as a result of customer feedback, and we encourage our customers to let us know if they require anything specific.’

5ml Glass Bijou: Key Specifications

  • True-to-size to store 5ml liquids with minimal headspace
  • Made from low borosilicate tubular glass, 20.2mm diameter
  • 22R4 Thread
  • Compatible with our 18mm EPE caps and new 5ml dropper assembly
  • Ideal for a range of diagnostic, homeopathic, aromatherapy, and healthcare applications

For more information about our Bijou vials, please email us at info@rapidlabs.co.uk and we will be happy to help. To view our full range of glassware, please click here.