You can now view our new glassware & packaging brochure online.

Our new brochure encompasses our range of products suitable for a wide range of consumer goods, such as aromatherapy, skincare, CBD and essential oils.

‘As Rapid Labs are expanding their packaging division, we felt it would be handy to split our existing glassware brochure into two versions to suit our varied customer network’ said Tara Smith, Marketing Coordinator. ‘We now have a separate glassware brochure for our consumer goods and another for our laboratory-based products. Hopefully this will help our customers find products that are most relevant to their business.’

Our ‘consumer goods’ glassware and packaging brochure includes information about the following products:

  • Glass Dropper Bottles
  • Caps and Closures
  • Pipette Dropper Assemblies
  • Atomiser Spray Caps
  • Dropper Glass Vials
  • Glass Pots
  • Bamboo Droppers and Pots

Download our brochure here.