Following last week’s announcement regarding the development of our new reagent, virusPHIX and call for trial sites to evaluate it’s suitability for COVID-19 testing, we are pleased to share our new product brochure. The virusPHIX brochure includes information about its key features, list of viruses it has successfully inactivated, preliminary data regarding inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and suggested protocol.

Click here to view the brochure


If you are interested in working with us to validate virusPHIX™ for COVID-19 testing, or interested in using virusPHIX™ for other purposes, please email us at  and we will be happy to help.


For research use only, not to be used for diagnostic procedures. virusPHIX™ is sold with a licence for research but not diagnostic purposes, no liability is accepted if the product(s) is used for search diagnostic purposes where the result is reported to the patient in breach of the Research Use Only licence.