We are delighted to inform customers that you can now purchase our CentriVet range directly from our website.

Our new online shop allows customers to order CentriVet products by credit/debit card, making it easier and more convenient to purchase products. Previously customers would have to fill out an enquiry form on our website to speak with one of the Rapid Labs team direct and place an order by proforma invoice. Eliminating this step offers a much more efficient way of placing orders.

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Rapid Labs are proud to partner with CentriVet™ to offer a selection of point of care tests for the monitoring of blood glucose and ketones in dogs, cats and cows.

The CentriVet™ GK Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring System is a portable, easy-to-use dual meter that offers accurate results within seconds. When paired with the species-specific test strips, users are able to get an accurate blood glucose/ketone reading for their animal.

CentriVet products for Dogs & Cats

For dogs and cats, the most common test performed using the CentriVet meter is glucose for the management of diabetes. Blood glucose can be monitored in pets using commercially-available human meters, however it is important to note that glucose is distributed differently in the blood between different species. In humans, 58% of glucose resides in the plasma, whilst in dogs it is 88% and cats as high as 93%, highlighting the importance of using a species-specific test, such as the CentriVet system.

Whilst urine analysis is useful for diagnosing diabetes, it is not as useful for monitoring the condition compared to blood analysis. Blood glucose analysis enables accurate quantification of the blood glucose levels, which is important if insulin dosing is required. Without accurately knowing the blood glucose levels, it can be dangerous to administer insulin.

CentriVet products for Cows

For bovine use, the CentriVet Ketone Monitoring System is extremely popular amongst vets and dairy farmers. The CentriVet ketone tests measures BHB levels in blood – the gold standard for ketone monitoring. Regular monitoring of BHB levels and early intervention is essential in preventing the consequences of ketosis in cows: For every 0.1mmol/L increase in BHB over the threshold (1.2mmol/L), approximately half a litre of milk is lost from production each day. For cows at the upper end of subclinical ketosis, as much as 9 litres of milk can be lost each day. These levels only relate to the subclinical form of ketosis; that is the early stages of ketosis when other clinical signs are not yet visible. Ketosis can have much more severe implications on the health of the cow, including mastitis, reduced fertility and displaced stomachs, all of which have a severe economical impact.

Learn more about the importance of ketone monitoring in dairy cows using the CentriVet monitoring system from our video we produced with the University of Cambridge Veterinary School here:


We will shortly be making some of our other product ranges available on our website shop, such as our popular glass dropper bottles and pipette assemblies. In the meantime, please contact us if you wish to order these products.