We are proud to announce that Rapid Labs has reduced the amount of plastic packaging in our Blood Grouping & Febrile Antigen 10 x 10ml Vial Kits by 97%, removing nearly 2 tonnes of plastic from circulation each year.

Our kits were previously packaged in PVC trays (polyvinyl chloride) a durable yet highly  unrecyclable plastic. We have now switched PVC for cardboard boxes, which remains a lightweight and affordable method for shipping whilst effectively protecting the contents of the kit.

‘We are delighted to have found an economical and effective solution to remove such a large volume of plastic from some of our most popular product lines’ said CEO Ian Christopher. ‘What may seem like a small change on the surface is the result of months of research and tests to ensure our blood grouping reagents/febrile antigens remain protected during long haul transport. We pride ourselves on affordable healthcare for all and are pleased that our new packaging keeps the freight charges low without compromising on quality – or the environment.’

Our cardboard suppliers at Suffolk Digital acquire their materials from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. Suffolk Digital are also part of the  Woodland Trusts Carbon Capture scheme, and in the last 12 months  have created 80.56 square meters of new woodland at one of the Woodland Trusts accredited UK sites. This equates to the removal of 3222kg of Carbon Dioxide.

Whilst we have made every effort to dramatically reduce the amount of plastic from our kit packaging, the cardboard boxes do have a plastic laminate finish, to strengthen the box and provide an essential waterproof layer to protect the box from going damp during refrigeration. The boxes also contain a polyurethane foam insert to hold the vials and protect them from rattling around in the box during transport. However the overall amount of plastic has reduced by 97% compared to the PVC trays which is an effective compromise for providing affordable, robust packaging with minimal damage to the environment.

For more information about our packaging please contact us at info@rapidlabs.co.uk