Viruses and bacteria successfully inactivated by virusPHIX, vivoPHIX and genoPHIX RNA stabilisation reagents

RNAssist Ltd., is a technology development company based in Cambridge UK specialised in biomolecule stabilisation and microbial inactivation. The range includes genoPHIX™ (for large tissue samples), vivoPHIX™ (for work involving single cell analysis) and virusPHIX™ (for the safe transport and handling of virus samples). Our lead product virusPHIX™ has been shown to stabilise RNA, DNA [...]

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Zika Virus Successfully Inactivated Using VivoPHIX

The Pasteur Institute has successfully demonstrated inactivation of the Zika Virus using vivoPHIX™: To determine the ability of vivoPHIX™ to inhibit ZIKV in mosquito tissue sample, ZIKV-infected mosquito midguts were dissected at 6 dpi. Mosquito midguts were then chopped into 3-4 small pieces then transfer into vivoPHIX™. Samples were then treated at 4 degree Celsius [...]

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New vivoPHIX publication in Current Osteoporosis Reports

Single-cell analysis is an expanding technology offering unique perspectives into transcriptional functions of individual cells. In contrast with bulk RNAseq that analyses the entire RNA content of a biological sample regardless of the cell of origin of the transcript, scRNA-seq first relies on the successful isolation of live cells from the sample, and separation of [...]

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From Cat 3 to a Cat 2 Laboratory: How virusPHIX helped the Pasteur Institute with their work on Dengue Virus

Containment laboratories are designed to prevent or control the exposure of laboratory workers, other persons and the environment to the biological agent in use. These laboratories have been categorised into four hazard groups, CL1, CL2, CL3 and CL4. CL1 is deemed the lowest risk, with CL4 classed as the highest. Each level containment laboratory has [...]

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New virusPHIX Brochure

Following last week's announcement regarding the development of our new reagent, virusPHIX™ and call for trial sites to evaluate it's suitability for COVID-19 testing, we are pleased to share our new product brochure. The virusPHIX™ brochure includes information about its key features, list of viruses it has successfully inactivated, preliminary data regarding inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 [...]

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Rapid Labs and RNAssist announce development and trials of SARS-COV-2 viral transport medium

May 2020 Press Release Rapid Labs Ltd (Essex, UK), RNAssist (Cambridge, UK) and Qnostics (Glasgow, UK) are currently developing and seeking trial sites to validate the virusPHIX™ RNA stabilisation, cell fixative and virus inactivation reagent for SARS-CoV-2 testing on nasopharangeal swab samples and saliva/sputum samples.  Offer; A universal sample collection tube for liquid samples including; [...]

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Rapid Labs Coronavirus Statement

Dear customers, As you are aware, the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to cause major disruptions across the globe. Rapid Labs are proud to be part of the medical diagnostics industry, and we will continue to remain open, offering hundreds of diagnostic tests to hospitals around the world until any closures are forced upon us by [...]

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NHSBT Antibody Cell Screening Panels now available from Rapid Labs

We are proud to be the international distributor for NHSBT Cell Screening Panels for use in transfusion medicine, criminology and paternity testing outside the UK. All reagents are CE-marked and comply with the standards laid down in the Guidelines for Blood Transfusion Services in the UK (Current-edition). They are prepared to be the best standards [...]

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Medlab 2020 – Thank you!

Now we have returned to our offices, we would like to take the chance to thank everyone who visited our stand during Medlab last week. It was our 10th consecutive year exhibiting at the show and our most successful one yet. With over 220 meetings with contacts in over 60 countries over 4 days, it's [...]

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