Rapid Labs have published two new brochures to present their expanding range of glassware and packaging.

‘As our packaging business is rapidly expanding, we decided to split our existing product brochure into two versions to cater for our increasingly diverse audience’ said Tara Smith, Marketing Coordinator. ‘Our glassware has been used in the NHS as well as international blood banks and pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years, demonstrating proven stability and effectiveness for storing high value, precious contents. As this area of our business gained popularity, we noticed more companies were approaching us from the aromatherapy, CBD and skincare sectors. Not only does glass packaging have a more premium look and feel, our products are becoming more popular among companies looking to move away from plastic packaging. We felt it was time to split our packaging portfolio up and offer two brochures for laboratory use and ‘consumer goods’.’

Our laboratory brochure features all our glass bottles and vials with their compatible closures including EPE lined screw caps, pipette droppers and vial stoppers. Our consumer goods brochure features our glass dropper bottles and their compatible closures, along with our new bamboo range of pots and pipette droppers.     

View Laboratory Brochure                                        View Consumer Goods Brochure

 For more information about any of our products, or to place an order please email us at sales@rapidlabs.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.