Diagnostic Products

Rapid Labs offer a broad range of quality Diagnostic products, designed to fulfill the requirements of traditional pathology labs around the world. Our Specialism is the UK manufacture of high quality affordable ABOD blood grouping reagents and the associated Anti Human Globulin and potentiators such as Serological albumin 22% & 30%. and Low Ionic Strength Solution LISS.

The Range includes many Diagnostic products within the following categories:
ABOD Blood Grouping reagents CE Marked Blood Grouping reagents Lectin Blood Grouping reagents
Rhesus Blood Grouping reagents
Rare Blood Grouping reagents
Blood Bank Support Products
Rapid Latex Tests
Syphilis Screening and Confirmation
Febrile Antigens
Elisa Kits
Drugs of Abuse Kits (Urine and Saliva Samples)
Rapid Test Strips and Devices
Urinalysis Strips
Bacteriology, Discs Rings, Supplements, Bacterial Identification. Laboratory Consumable
Chromogenic Dehydrated Culture Media
Dehydrated Culture Media