Blood Grouping Reagents

Blood Grouping Reagents, the ABO blood group system and the RhD blood group system are the most important blood groups in transfusion. Blood groups are determined by a protein (antigen) on the surface of the red cell. Therefore, the ABO system has A and B antigens and the RhD system has the D antigen.

In all, there are 30 major blood group systems. This means a person may be A RhD positive and at the same time, M and N (MNS system) positive, Kell (Kell system) positive and Lea and Leb (Lewis system) positive.

Rapid Labs Blood Grouping Reagents test for blood type Anti-A, blood type Anti-B, blood type Anti-A,B, blood type O and for each of these also for Anti-D.  RhD status confirmation using two avid monoclonal Anti-D reagents. IgM only for patient sample grouping and IgG + IgM, which will agglutinate most examples of weak, partial or variant expressions of the D antigen. Our Rhesus System Reagents and human monoclonal reagents are generally suitable for slide, tube and microplate methods.

Rapid Labs also offer Anti Human Globulin (AHG), Bovine Albumin also known as serological Albumin BSA22% & BSA30%, LISS, Lectin and an extensive range of rare blood grouping and blood typing reagents are also available. Where there are no antigens to A, B, or D, a person is blood group O negative.

Quality reagents from Rapid Labs are manufactured from murine antibodies supplied by the Merck Millipore Group  and human monoclonal antibodies, suitable for slide and tube methods these offer consistent potency, specificity and reactivity when used in our own custom formulations that are designed to withstand the challenges of developing world markets.

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