ABOD Blood Grouping Reagents

In 1900, Landsteiner discovered that the serum of some individuals would agglutinate the red cells of others and that this phenomenon could be used to classify individuals into different blood group phenotypes. Four common phenotypes are recognised – O, A, B and AB. Subgroups of the A and B antigens have since been identified. The ABO phenotype of an individual is usually determined by the agglutination reactions of the individual’s red cells with Anti-A, Anti-B and Anti-A,B antisera (forward grouping). In testing blood samples from adults, confirmation of the ABO blood group can be provided by the reactions of the individual’s serum with standard A and B red cell suspensions (reverse grouping).  This method is used throughout the world to type blood donations and forms the first part of compatibility testing to receive blood transfusions.

Rapid Labs blood grouping reagents are produced in the UK from the best quality Murine monoclonal  antibodies.  They are produced  to our unique formulation that provides a combination of fast  Avidity, a strong titre and excellent stability and specificity.  Rapid Labs ABOD AntiSera  has the rare combination of a very high quality product, at a very reasonable price.

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