CE Marked Blood Grouping Reagents, are available as a distinct range of products from Rapid Labs to meet the demands of our clients that require a Free Sale Certificate and or a CE Certificate as specified by their own regional registration system or  for supply into the European Union Markets.

CE Marked Blood Grouping Reagents for ABOD  fall into one of the most highly regulated classes of diagnostic reagents, currently the regulations concerning their production fall under the EU IVD Directive, this is being replaced by the IVDR with final  implementation having approximately 4 years before it is fully implemented.

The cost to comply with this most stringent regulation is high due to the high level of notified  body involvement from the Product file assessment to the annual audits, unscheduled audits and batch/lot release testing and supervision.  As a result the selling price of the CE Mark  reagent is higher than the Non CE Mark equivalent.