Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent assay (ELISA) are currently offered in a wide range covering many different parameters. Our Extensive list provides the very best quality Kits with long shelf life and simple methodology to make a very attractive offering to your clients and the Lab. The range covers Syphilis, Fever, Steroid hormones, Fertility hormones, Heart and lung diseases, Thyroid hormones, a wide range of tumor markers including CA-125, CA 19-9, CA-15-3 Free PSA and several more. We offer kits that test for Diabetes, Autoimmune diseases and some infectious agents.

Rapid Labs offer two ranges of ELISA & EIA Tests; our Compact range that is designed to be a quality test kit, at the lowest cost, with small physical size to minimise freight charges. our Specialist Elisa Kit (SEK) range of Elisa & EIA test covers a much wider range of analytes, this range has a wider range of control and calibrators than the compact kits, that can increase the accuracy of qualitative measurement. The SEK Elisa kits also are engineered to offer a longer shelf life than the compact Elisa range.