Rapid Tests & Devices

Rapid Labs offer a wide range of Rapid Tests Devices and Strips,  to identify Infectious Diseases, screening products for HIV, HCV, HBsAg, Syphilis as you would expect, but also we offer an expanded Hepatitis Range, STDs, Fertility Tests, Tumour & Cardiac markers, Fever rapids: Dengue, Leptospira, Filariasis, Chickungunya,TB, Strep A and Influenza. Parasitic diseases: Malaria & Leishmania  and G.I. infection tests for Typhoid, Cholera, Roto Virus, Adeno Virus, H.Pylori and Salmonella   all with storage between 2 °C- 30°C

Our standard pack sizes are 20 Test Devices, 50 Test Strips or 10 Test Multi-Devices.  Screening Devices and Pregnancy kits are also available in 100 Test Strips or 40 Test devices.