Gastrointestinal Rapid Devices

Gastrointestinal rapid devices are increasingly important to help clinicians identify  a range of infections that are acute public health concerns at one end of the spectrum with our range of Cholera Antigen and Typhoid Antibody Assays and Salmonella Typhi antigen gastro intestinal rapid devices and cronic conditions associated with Gastritis, upper GI ulceration and stomach cancers.  Rapid Labs offer the H.Pylori antibody assay for a cost effective serological means of identification and   H.Pylori Ag from stool sample for the latest sensitivity and specificity.  Approximately half the world  is infected by H.Pylori, so the early identification of infection is a first step in identifying and treating gastric symptoms in a safe and minimally invasive way, particularly for paediatric patients.  Rapid tests are also available to test for Rota virus from Stool sample and rota/adeno combined test from stool samples.  Additional tests are soon to be launched that cover also Norovirus, Clostridium Difficile, Brucella Abortus antigen to name just a few.

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