Dropper Pipette - Child Resistant Type (CRC) & Tamper Evident (T/E)

///Dropper Pipette - Child Resistant Type (CRC) & Tamper Evident (T/E)

Dropper pipette child resistant type & tamper evident, use with bottles & vials. Sizes 10ml & 30ml, custom sizes available on request. Ideal for reagents, e-liquid & vaping supplies, CBD oils, aromatherapy oils, Healthcare, beauty products, fragrances, hair serums, beard oils, toiletries, essential oils, fragrance oils

Dropper pipette assemblies, manufactured to precise specifications for use with moulded glass bottles and tubular glass vials. The pipettes are manufactured from low borosilicate glass with a tapered tip. The caps are produced from durable Polypropylene (PP) available in black or white. The bulb or teat is produced from either white or black silicon or natural rubber.