RNA Stabilisation & Single Cell Transport Medium

Rapid Labs are proud to be the global supplier for RNAssist.

RNAssist Ltd specialises in next generation biomolecule stabilisation for single cell analysis. Their patented technology stabilises RNA and biomolecules whilst preserving the cell morphology and inactivating any viruses/bacteria in the process*. The RNAssist family of reagents (vivoPHIX™, genoPHIX™ and virusPHIX™) offer universal clinical sample stabilisation and inactivation compatible with a wide variety of applications including cell & tissue fixation, ISH, IF, tissue dissociation, scRNA-seq, NGS, viral transport, RT-PCR and Lateral Flow Rapid Tests.

The RNAssist Product Range:

vivoPHIX™ (for single cell work such as scRNA-seq)
genoPHIX™ (for large tissue samples)
virusPHIX™ (for high throughput testing of viruses in biological samples).

More details on each reagent type can be found below.

*Inactivation has been demonstrated in SARS-CoV-2, Dengue, Zika, mTb, Vaccinia, Duck Hepatitis B (a surrogate for Human Hepatitis B), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (a HIV surrogate), Vaccinia and many others. For the full list of viruses & bacteria inactivated by RNAssist products, please contact us at rnassist@rapidlabs.co.uk.

RNAssist reagents offer the following benefits:

Biomolecule Stabilisation

– Long term stabilisation of RNA, DNA, proteins and phosphoproteins
– Substantially improves RNA and DNA quality compared to competing products
– Compatible with front-end RNA purification kits on variety of sample types, including blood

Cell & Tissue Fixation

– Conserves cellular morphology of fresh & fresh frozen tissue
– Compatible with eGFP and mCherry detection, IF, IHC, ISH H&E and RNAscope imaging
– Samples can be embeded in paraffin for staining

Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria and Yeast*

– Allows work in lower biosecurity settings to enable safe, easy transportation of sensitive samples
– Easy storage & transportation of sensitive samples at room temperature without the need for expensive cold chain transport
– Stabilises HCV RNA for at least 12 months and SARS-CoV-2 RNA for least 6 weeks at 20°C

Non-Toxic Formulation

– Very low toxicity and volatility, non-flammable, non-crosslinking formula (does not contain guanidine)
– Can be used without the need for a fume hood: carcinogen-free & low volatility unlike formaldehyde based reagents

Tissue Dissociation with vivoPHIX™

-Easy non-protease dissociation into individual cells retaining original 3D morphology with scRNAseq and staining compatibility
– Ready-to-use protocol for single-cell RNA-Seq
– Can be used for 16S NGS and WTA metagenomics

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See what our customers are saying about RNAssist:

‘RNAssist is an amazing technology with important applications for us. I haven’t been so excited about something in quite some time.’
– Canadian Food Inspection Agency

‘The FISH signals were better in RNAssist for the three probes I have tested. The big advantage is that we can avoid using the chemical fume hood with RNAssist.
– University of Cambridge

‘RNAssist is a valid alternative fixative to both preserve tissue morphology and RNA integrity and it is recommended when alcohol-based methods cannot be used to post-fix the tissue’
– European Institute of Oncology

‘I am convinced that we have very good inactivation of the virus’ – Pasteur Institute

‘The RNA quality is very high. The quality was higher than the corresponding methanol fixed tumour’
– University of Oxford

‘Single cell libraries are better with RNAssist. The RNAssist sample is much purer and have more reads per cell. It’s working amazingly for my project’ – Sanger Institute

‘This has made clear (as expected) that we need an alternative RNA stabilisation reagent to the one we were using’
– Sanger Institute

*Every virus tested so far with RNAssist have been inactivated. Inactivation must be tested internally by the end user. Please contact us to review the full list of viruses and bacteria that have been effectively inactivated with RNAssist.

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