Agar is not a chemically defined product. It is a natural blend of polysaccaharides made up by Agarose, a neutral molecule and other more coomplex molecules known as Agaropectines.

Agar is insoluble in cold water. 1,5% Agar solution in boiling water forms a gel when cooling down an this will not melt until heated over 85oC. Agar does not need the presence of cations in order to gellify an it shows a higher gel consistency than any other gellifying agent.

Agar can be used within ample range of pH reading (5-8). Agar can be utilized blended with other gums, and it is a calorie-free fibre as it is not digestible by man.

Batch analysis:

Determination Units Limits / Results
Colour White White
Gel strength Before autoclaving g/cm2 > 900 970,0
Loss on drying % <   18 12,5
Total ashes % <     6 3,1
pH (1,5% solution) Gel before autoclaving  6-7,5 6,5
Nephelos  Before autoclaving NTU <   15 5,9
Gelling point oC 36-39 37,0
Melting point Before autoclaving oC >    91,5 92,4
Enterobacteria cfu/g Absent Absent
Coliform bacteria   cfu/g Absent Absent