Anti-A,B Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagent

Anti-A,B Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagent for the slide, tube and microplate techniques



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    Anti-A,B Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagent

    These reagents are suitable for use by the slide, tube and microplate techniques and are designed for use by operators trained in serological techniques.

    Anti-A,B monoclonal murine IgM blood grouping reagent contains antibodies from cell lines ES-4/ES-15. When used by the recommended techniques these reagents will cause agglutination (clumping) of red cells carrying the specific antigen (positive test). Lack of agglutination of the red cells
    demonstrates the absence of the specific antigen (negative test). These reagents have been optimised for use by the recommended techniques without further dilution or additions.

    Pack size – 5ml and 10ml

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    5ml, 10ml