Use and description:

Bordet Gengou Agar Base, with the addition of glycerol and sterile blood, is used in qualitative procedures for the detection and isolation of Bordetella pertussis from clinical specimens. Bordet Gengou Blood Agar contains potato infusion and glycerol to supply the nutrients necessary to support the growth of B. pertussis. Defibrinated animal blood supplies additional nutrients and enables the detection of hemolytic reactions, which aid in the identification of B. pertussis


Composition per litre g/l :

Potato infusion……………….. 4.50

Sodium Chloride……………… 5.50

Agar………………………………. 20.00


Final pH of the ready to use medium: 6.7 +/- 0.2 at 25°C


Medium preparation:

Suspend 30 g of the powder in 1 L of purified water containing 10g of glycerol. Mix thoroughly. Heat with frequent agitation and boil for 1 minute to completely dissolve the powder. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes. Aseptically add 15% sterile, defibrinated blood to the medium at 45-50°C. Mix well.


Quality specifications:

  1. The powder is homogeneous, free flowing and beige
  2. Ready to use medium: light to medium amber slightly opalescent


Microbiological response after 48-72 hours at 35°C:

OrganismInoculumRecovery w 15% blood
Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC46173-300Good
Bordetella parapertussis ATCC153113-300Good
Bordetella pertussis ATCC84673-300Good



Store the sealed bottle containing the dehydrated medium at 25 to 30°C. Once opened and recapped, place the container in a low humidity environment at the same storage temperature. Protect it from moisture and light. The dehydrated medium should be discarded if it is not free flowing or if the colour has changed from the original light beige colour.