Canine Distemper Virus Ab Test

The CDV Antibody Rapid Test Device is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for semi-quantitative detection of Canine Distemper Virus antibodies in canine serum/plasma.

The CDV Antibody Rapid Test Device (Serum/Plasma) is based on the sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. The test device has a testing window containing a test zone (T) and Control (C) zone. . When the  sample is added to the sample well, the liquid will laterally flow through the surface of the test strip and react with the pre-coated CDV antigens. If there are anti-CDV antibodies in the specimen, a visible T line will appear. The C line should always appear after a sample is applied, which indicates a valid result.

If CDV antigens are present, a coloured line will appear in the test line region indicating a positive result. If the specimen does not contain CDV antigens, a colored line will not appear in the test line region indicating a negative result. To serve as a procedural control, a colored line will always appear in the control line region indicating that proper volume of specimen has been added correctly.

Cat. Number: VR-CDV-AG-10 Category:
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    No. of Tests: 10

    Sample Type: Serum/Plasma

    Result Time: 10 minutes


    Sensitivity: 97.96% (95% CI: 89.15%-99.95%)

    Specificity: 98.04% (CI 89.55%-99.95%)

    Accuracy: 98.00% (95% CI: 92.96-99.76%)

    *CI = confidence interval compared to ELISA method.