CentriVet Bovine Blood Glucose Test Strips


Specifically calibrated for bovine blood, the CentriVet™ Blood Glucose Test Strips are suitable for measuring glucose levels in whole blood, when used with the CentriVet™ GK Blood Glucose & Ketone Meter.

Pack Size: 50 Tests
Test Time: 5 Seconds
Minimum Sample Volume: 0.8µl

Cat. Number: GK134-12C Category:



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    How it Works
    The CentriVet Blood Glucose Test Strips are thin strips with a chemical reagent system which work with the CentriVet GK Blood Glucose & Ketone Meter to measure the glucose concentration in whole blood. Blood is applied to the end tip of the test strip, then automatically absorbed into the reaction cell where the reaction takes place. A transient electrical current is formed during the reaction and the blood glucose concentration is calculated based on the electrical current detected by the meter, then the result is shown on the meter display. The meters are calibrated to display plasma equivalent results.


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