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CentriVet Canine/Feline Glucose Meter & Starter Kit


Monitor you cat or dog’s blood glucose levels in seconds from the comfort of your own home – no more scary trips to the vet! Ideal for monitoring diabetes in your pet. Species specific calibration chip is included to ensure accurate glucose readings for your cat or dog. The CentriVet Canine/Feline Glucose Monitoring Kit is easy-to-use with accurate results in seconds.

What’s included:

  • GK Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter
  • 50x Glucose Test Strips for Dogs & Cats
  • Glucose Control Solution (2 x 2ml)
  • 50x Blood Safety Lancets


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    The CentriVet Canine/Feline Blood Glucose & Ketone Monitoring system is a dual meter that measures both glucose and blood BHBA (the gold standard for ketone testing), giving accurate results in seconds. It has never been easier to take control of your pets health!

    Technology used by Vets, now available for home use

    • Two tests in one meter (blood glucose and ketones)
    • Clinically proven accuracy*
    • Species-specific calibration chips for testing both Cats and Dogs
    • Portable, easy-to-use device suitable for home testing
    • Results in seconds


    CentriVet Meter Product Information Sheet
    CentriVet Blood Glucose Accuracy Study for Dogs & Cats
    CentriVet GK Meter User Manual
    Article: Monitoring Glucose in Diabetic Pets

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