CRP Latex Test Kit

Slide Test for C-Reactive Protein



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    CRP Latex Test Kit

    CRP Latex Test is a latex agglutination slide test for the detection of C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein (CRP) is a serum protein, which is synthesized in the liver. Its rate of synthesis and secretion increases within hours of an acute injury or the onset of inflammation and may reach as high as 20 times the normal levels.

    Elevated serum concentration of CRP is an unequivocal evidence of an active tissue damage process and CRP measurement thus provides a simple screening test for organic disorders. Apart from indicating inflammatory disorders, CRP measurement helps in differential diagnosis, in the management of neonatal septicaemia and meningitis where standard microbiological investigations are difficult.

    Available in 50 and 100 tests per kits.


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