Foot and Mouth Disease NSP Antibody Rapid Test

The Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Non-Structural Protein Antibody (FMD NSP Ab) Rapid Test Device is a lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of infected FMDV antibodies in swine/cattle serum or plasma. It’s is intended to be used for the monitoring FMD NSP antibody levels for evaluating the infection status of animal

Cat. Number: VR-FMNSP-AB-10 Category:
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    No. of Tests: 10
    Sample Type: Serum/Plasma (bovine/porcine)
    Reaction Time: 5-10 minutes

    Relative Sensitivity: 97.50% (95%CI*: 86.84%-99.94%)
    Relative Specificity: 97.62% (95%CI*: 87.43%-99.94%)
    Accuracy: 97.56% (95%CI*: 91.47%-99.70%)

    *CI = confidence interval compared to ELISA method.