genoPHIX™ 50ml: For projects involving large tissue samples

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genoPHIX™ 50ml: For projects involving large tissue samples


genoPHIX™ has been developed for work with large paraffin-embedded tissue samples. Its unique properties allow genoPHIX™ to extract nucleic acids from paraffin embedded tissue and is ideal for IHC, IF, FISH and fluorescent protein work.

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    Key Features:

    Biomolecule Stabilisation
    Long term stabilisation of RNA, DNA, proteins and phosphoproteins

    Cell & Tissue Fixation
    Conserves cellular morphology of fresh & frozen tissue, compatible with GFP, IF, IHC, ISH and RNAscope imaging

    Inactivates viruses, bacteria and yeast*
    Allows work in lower biosecurity settings to enable safe, easy transportation of sensitive samples

    Economical Advantages
    Store and ship at room temperature, eliminating the need for expensive cold-chain transport

    IHC of genoPHIX™ treated kidney section using anti-SMA antibody.

    IF of genoPHIX™ treated stomach section using anti-ki67 antibody.

    Gel image showing RNA stability over 25 days at 37°C with genoPHIX™.

    *Every virus tested so far with RNAssist have been inactivated. Inactivation must be tested internally by the end user. Please contact us to review the full list of viruses and bacteria that have been effectively inactivated with RNAssist.

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