Low Ionic Strength Solution (LISS) + Additives

Low Ionic Strength Solution + Additives is used as a potentiator between antibodies and red blood cells (RBC). The reduced quantity of NaCl in LISS allows more efficient agglutination between the antibodies and RBCs.



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    Low Ionic Strength Solution (LISS) + Additives

    Rapid Labs LISS + ADD is a low ionic strength solution containing glycine, sodium chloride, phosphate buffer and bovine albumin. The reagent is supplied at the optimal dilution for use with all the recommended techniques stated below without the need for further dilution or addition. This reagent is ready to use.

    When used by the recommended techniques, the solution will reduce the ionic strength of a test system, increase the rate of red blood cell antigen-antibody binding and permits a substantial reduction in incubation time and increases sensitivity with many antibody specificities in the test.

    Available in 10ml vials.

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