Staphylococcus Latex Test Kit

Latex Agglutination Test Kit for the detection of Staphylococci species



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    Staphylococcus Latex Test Kit

    Rapid Labs Staphylococcus Latex Test is a rapid latex agglutination test for the detection of Staphylococci species that produce clumping factor and/or Protein A from those species that do not.

    The latex particles are coated with human IgG and fibrinogen. On mixing the latex reagent with colonies of staphylococci which have clumping factor or Protein A present, the human fibrinogen will bind with  coagulase and the IgG will bind with Protein A to give visible agglutination of latex particles indicating a positive result. Lf neither clumping factor nor Protein A is present, no agglutination will occur thereby indicating a negative result.

    Available with 50 tests per kit.

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