SterileMOUSE Antibacterial laser mouse – wired 2 button + digital scroll

The dangers of cross infection are not only reserved for keyboards?

A computer mouse can be used many times by multiple medical staff members throughout the working day.

SterileMOUSE-LASER Antibacterial Mouse is a fully sealed, laser diode optics IP68 compliant product that can be washed or wiped with antibacterial/alcohol based agents “Chlor-clean” or equivalent products (often used in hospital

environments) thus greatly assisting in reducing cross infections in all clinical areas. SterileMOUSE-LASER Antibacterial Mouse is comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Key features/benefits of the SterileMOUSE-LASER:

  • A stylish design and comfortable shape, rugged and water resistant, made of 100% silicone latex free.
  • Silicon body impregnated with nano silver anti-bacterial component.
  • Rubberised surface for cushioned comfort.
  • Precise smooth cursor movement.
  • Laser Diode Optics. 800 dpi optical sensor with 3,000 frames per second scan rate.
  • Can be cleaned with antibacterial, alcohol based agents. Can also be cleaned with “Chlor-clean” or equivalent products often used in hospital environments.
  • 2 Command buttons with sealed page up/down slider control wheel.
  • USB connector.
  • Compatible. IBM AT, Windows98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10.
  • Dimensions: 105(L) x 61(W) x 38(H) mm.
  • Net Weight: 120g
  • Power consumption: 5V DC 214 mA (working)

5V DC 11-13 mA (stand-by)

  • Protection Level: Manufactured to IP68 Standard.
  • CE and FCC Approved, RoHS Compliant Mouse.

Rapid Labs SterileFLAT Mouse Wired Leaflet

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