Widal Kit Salmonella Ha, Hb, Hc, Hd, OA, OB, OC, OD and positive/negative control

High Density Febrile Antigen – Widal Kit Salmonella with positive and negative controls



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    Widal Kit Salmonella for Ha,Hb,Hc,Hd,OA,OB,OC,OD including positive and negative control

    Rapid Labs Widal antigen set contains ready to use concentrated smooth antigen suspensions of the bacilli; S. typhi ‘O’. S. typhi ‘H’. S, paratyphi ‘AO’. S. paratyphi ’BO‘. S. paratyphi ’AH’, S. paratyphi ‘BH’. S. paratyphi ‘CH’. S. paratyphi ‘CO’ and/or polyspecific positive control reactive with these antigens.

    When the Widal antigen suspensions are mixed and incubated with the patient’s serum, anti salmonella antibodies present in the patient serum react with the antigen suspensions to give agglutination. Agglutination is a positive test result, indicating presence of anti-salmonella antibodies in the patient serum. No agglutination is a negative test result indicating absence of anti-salmonella antibodies.

    Pack size – 8 x 5ml and controls 2 x 1ml