Rapid Labs Limited is a rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of medical diagnostic reagents and glass vials and bottles.  We are an independent UK based primary manufacturer, supplying a worldwide network of distributors, agents and NGOs.

The combination of our two divisions enable us to provide a complete supply solution for your OEM diagnostic reagent needs.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality products and exceptional customer service whilst providing a broad range of innovative diagnostic tests and glass vials at very competitive prices to our customers.

Our highly experienced and committed team focus all their energy to deliver what our customers demand at very competitive prices, ensuring your business success.

Vials, Bottles, droppers and caps


The medical diagnostics division offers: Blood Grouping Reagents, Syphilis Screening, Febrile Antigens, Latex Test Kits, Dehydrated Culture Media, ELISA (EIA), Rapid Devices and Strips, Urinalysis and Drugs of Abuse Tests.

We can supply most of our products in  bulk quantities for blood grouping reagent  along with vials and dropper assemblies for you to cost effectively produce your own set of reagents, we can even supply labels and packaging to your own design!  Or you can let us produce you own brand of finished reagents and kits across a wide range of products.  If you would like to establish your own brand in partnership with us please check the link to our OEM Customer section of our website. 

The Glass and Plastic packaging division supply: Glass Vials, Dropper assemblies, Pipettes, Glass Bottles and HDPE packing solutions, from a range of stocked items. We also provide a custom design and manufacture solution.

Rapid Labs can also produce many custom design vials. If you have a specific requirement, please ask for a quote

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Recent Testimonials

The results are in! Over 90% of customers who responded to our survey described the quality of Rapid Labs products as Very High Quality and high quality. 95% Of customers reported that the Rapid Labs team understand what our distributors need to be successful. Thank you to those that responded, your feedback helps us to better understand your needs and improve the goods and services that we offer.